What is an Ignition Interlock Device? An ignition interlock device or breath alcohol ignition interlock device (IID and BAIID) is a mechanism, like a breathalyzer, installed on a motor vehicle.
Aren’t all Ignition Interlock Devices the same? Although all Ignition Interlock Devices must pass the National Highway Safety Administration testing and meet the State requirements...  Not all devices are the same. Some only use LED lights to let you know what is going on. Others offer a full LCD screen to prompt the driver on next scheduled appointment. If the breath test is taken incorrectly the LCD screen will advise the driver how to correct the test.
Sub-contractor, Does it really matter? You have choices when it comes to who works on your vehicle. The question is would you trust a company that specializes in vehicle wiring or a company that has a different business aspect all together.
Service providers, what is the difference? All service providers sound good on the phone and some even have flashy web-sites, but remember, these are the manufacturers web-sites and call centers, not the service provider. The manufacturer isn’t the one you will meet. You’ll be meeting with the service provider. General questions to ask your Service provider: How long have they been installing Ignition Interlock Devices? How long have they been working with vehicle wiring? If the unit fails will a technician come to you, how long, and do they offer 24/7 support? Do they offer friendly reminders for up coming services? Do they offer on-road services?